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The Everglades is a world apart & there is no place quite like it in the entire world. It is one of the few true wilderness areas left for people to explore and enjoy. Having fished and Eco Toured this area since 1981, I am able to share these beautiful & primitive wilderness areas with others.

Thrill to the sights of birds, and other species of incredible beauty. You will enjoy what can be, some of the most fantastic Shallow Water Fishing, SunsetBeach and Photo Tours in the world. ​Experience the unique Birding and Island Beach Walk Excursions a in the Largest Sub-Tropical Mangrove Eco System in the United States!

Chokoloskee Island Charters

Chokoloskee, FL



Your Captain and Everglades Guide Bert Barkus, married into the Gil Drake family more than 40 years ago. Mr. Drake was the creator and owner of the World Renowned Deep Water Cay Club of the Bahamas and this fueled my desire to spend the rest of my life working on the water.

Growing up in Sarasota Florida, most of my time was spent on the water fishing, surfing, or diving in my youth. I went to college in Gainesville, Florida to study creative film making which led to my passion in Nature Photography & has been in my blood ever since. Then, it was back to Sarasota.

I decided to leave Sarasota and move to Palm Beach & that’s where I met, and married Susan Drake, my wife of 40 years.

So many days, and so many years on the water has made me that seasoned and professional guide you’re looking for. In 1981, I found Chokoloskee, fell in love with the Everglades, and started my fishing and guiding career. It’s hard to believe the years have gone by so fast but, when you love what you do and have my passion for anything on the water, time does fly by. I have spent years and years fishing and Eco touring anglers & wildlife enthusiasts from all around the world. My client base has stuck with me through the good times, as well as the slow times throughout the decades which I appreciate greatly.

There is nothing more exciting than a big Snook or Tarpon exploding on whatever you’re throwing at them, or watching the Ospreys chasing the Eagles, the Spoonbills and the shore birds feeding on the flats, Dolphin chasing bait and the Manatees feeding on the grass flats. It’s all a site to behold in this Wonderland we call the Everglades.

I cater from the most experienced angler to the novice with Fly Fishing, Plug Casting and or Spin Fishing. It’s a wonderful thing to get that new fisherman and to follow their progress through the years & it’s a very special feeling when they finally realize they can achieve their goals with determination & patience.

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